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Summer Reading &Other Sad Stories

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[03 Jul 2007|08:09pm]

"Mr. and Mrs. Dove." by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923)
From: The Garden Party, and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1922. pp. 116-129.

[Page 116]

OF course he knew–no man better–that he hadn't a ghost of a chance, he hadn't an earthly. The very idea of such a thing was preposterous. So preposterous that he'd perfectly understand it if her father–well, whatever her father chose to do he'd perfectly understand. In fact, nothing short of desperation, nothing short of the fact that this was positively his last day in England for God knows how long, would have screwed him up to it. And even now . . . He chose a tie out of the chest of drawers, a blue and cream check tie, and sat on the side of his bed. Supposing she replied, "What impertinence!" would he be surprised? Not in the least, he decided, turning up his soft collar and turning it down over the tie. He expected her to say something like that. He didn't see, if he looked at the affair dead soberly, what else she could say.

Here he was! And nervously he tied a bow in front of the mirror, jammed his hair down with both hands, pulled out the flaps of his jacket pockets. Making between £500 and £600 a year on a fruit farm in–of all places–Rhodesia. No capital. Not a penny coming to him. No chance of his income increasing for at least four years. As for [Page 117] looks and all that sort of thing, he was completely out of the running. He couldn't even boast of top-hole health, for the East Africa business had knocked him out so thoroughly that he'd had to take six months' leave. He was still fearfully pale–worse even than usual this afternoon, he thought, bending forward and peering into the mirror. Good heavens! What had happened? His hair looked almost bright green. Dash it all, he hadn't green hair at all events. That was a bit too steep. And then the green light trembled in the glass; it was the shadow from the tree outside. Reggie turned away, took out his cigarette case, but remembering how the mater hated him to smoke in his bedroom, put it back again and drifted over to the chest of drawers. No, he was dashed if he could think of one blessed thing in his favour, while she . . . Ah! . . . He stopped dead, folded his arms, and leaned hard against the chest of drawers.

And in spite of her position.....Collapse )
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[30 Jun 2007|01:30pm]

Poll #1013027 absalom, absalom

do you plan on reading absalom, absalom with us?

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Man on the Stairs [29 Jun 2007|12:10pm]

Miranda July's The Man on The Stairs

After a copyright debate, we've decided to only link to what's already available on the internet.

In case you don't know how to read, prefer to listen, or maybe you like to do both- like follow along with the words while listening. Well, whatever the case may be, to accommodate your needs here's her reading the story. I looked for the record that it came from but it doesn't look like there is one. But! She has 4 others and I don't think she needs any help promoting anything since David Byrne likes her and she's in Jane Magazine and shit.

Assuming that you are into reading/listening at the same time, I put them both under the cut so you won't start the audio & then go to the text and the audio stops 'cause you changed pages or however that works. Anyway, enjoy.

Text and AudioCollapse )
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moderator post [29 Jun 2007|11:49am]

thanks to everyone who is joining. more stuff will be posted soon, just making sure we dont break any copyright infringement. maybe we can e-mail the stories to community members haha, i guess that's the same. well we will work on finding more stories that are online and don't forget to pick up a copy of absalom, absalom! by monday we should have the ball rolling on reading

for now go out there and do some promotion.

community linkage

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Naveed [28 Jun 2007|11:57pm]

Stephanie is in her own bedroom, among her things, and in her bedroom is James, whom she knows through friends and who has perfect forearms. Tonight they found themselves the last two at a party for a friend, who is leaving the country to go to Bolivia to raise llamas, or perhaps coffee. They are now in her bedroom, Stephanie and James, because they like each other a great deal, especially tonight, when his forearms looked truly exceptional. But James is only in Stephanie's city for one more week, at which time he will leave for Oregon to live as a forest-fire watchman of some kind. The point is that together they have no future, but Stephanie badly wants to have sexual intercourse with James. But if she does, James will bring her total number of sexual partners up to thirteen, which is, she thinks, too many. Not oo many for herself- for she regrets only two of the men in question, both named Robert, both with too much back-fat- but too many for whomever she finally marries. She can already hear the conversation, a year or five years hence, with the man of her future, whoever he may be- he too will have amazing forearms- when after much fumbling and guessing and suspecting, they finally agree to exchange information about past partners: numbers, names, frequency locales.
by Dave EggersCollapse )
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hello [28 Jun 2007|08:34pm]

Hello, this is a reading community. We will try and provide most of the texts online for you to read and then we will post discussion questions/you can post discussion questions so on so forth. I think it should kind of be an organic process. These are the readings picked out for this upcoming week. Toward the end of the week I'll post a poll with new novels, short stories and some poems to choose from and then we'll decide what to do for next week!

This Weeks Readings:

Novel: Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner

absalom, absalom! july 2nd- 11th

Short Stories:

Something That Needs Nothing By Miranda July

from No one belongs here more than you.

Naveed by Dave Eggers

from How We Are Hungry

click here to read Naveed

get your fake education right here &tell us how it feels

not to say that i do not love oprah winfrey, but let's broaden our options. after reading and openly discussing miranda july's book of short stories, we assigned ourselves some more summer reading. we figured you may want to read with us.

we decided to make an open forum so we could read and discuss more things. we have a selection of novels, poems and short stories to read and talk about.

feel free to join at any time

extensive summer reading, group discussion, integration of music and movies, references in popular culture and so forth

thanks for stopin by kids
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